Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day (Pig Roast, Grandparents & the Big Lake)

So, I'm way behind in keeping up the blog. I've just been sick. I'm finally on the tail end of it (thank heavens; I don't know how many more Kleenex I could go through). Luckily, Max is still (cross fingers) healthy. Though I think he's teething, but that's another story (Overachiever! Babies aren't 'supposed' to teeth until another month or two!)

Royce and Janet (Pop-Pop and Mom-Mom) came to visit Max. Max loved to giggle with Mom-Mom and let out some really cute giggles.

And here's all the Pauley guys in one shot, though Max, as per usual, is chewing on his outfit (at this point, he's chewing on anything that goes near his mouth). For those keeping count, that's three Royce's in one picture.
We went to the Father's Day Pig Roast in the neighborhood and it was great fun. The weather even (amazingly) cooperated. Max hung out and took it all in as we all took in a bunch of good food.
We also took a drive down by Lake Michigan and went by the Waukegan Harbor. We had some ice cream at a nice little ice cream shop called Dockside Ice Cream (38 E Madison St, Waukegan, IL 60085 (847) 263-1846). Good banana splits and a nice little patio to hang out on.

And here's Max and Daddy by the lake.
All in all, it was a good Father's Day weekend. Now, if I can just shake this dratted cold...

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Trish said...

I like how Tony & Max have the same hairstyle in the "Three Royces" picture!

Max sure is getting big!