Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Final numbers

We got the final numbers today from the finance lady for what to bring to the closing on the house. A little higher than Tony expected, but we'll be okay. Nothing ever works out exactly like you expect.

I should get almost all the packing done today. I have to stop and get a few more boxes (just a couple), but it's really and truly almost done now. And the realtor for the buyers down here is going to stop by with a check for the furniture that they are buying from us. They wound up buying one of the armoires, the red marble-topped nightstand, the settee, the eastlake chair, the bathroom cabinet and the entire dining room set. I'm kind of glad they bought the dining room set. We were debating about selling it, but it looks so perfect in that room it would be a shame to not leave it. The whole two-tone wood thing with the gold & burgundy fireplace tiles.

And I've sold quite a few other things to people on Craigslist (a CD rack, a TV, my old desk & office chair, a tv stand, an Ionic Breeze filter, our entire living room set, the fountain, a phone, the filing cabinet, an armoire, and our old computer). Not too shabby. Purge, purge, purge.

Of course, now we have to buy new stuff. ;-) We've already ordered a new dining room set, a dresser for the bedroom, a sofa & loveseat for the family room, and a double sofa for the living room. Hopefully they arrive not too long after we move in. I ordered most of it from Black Lion. The only way to order furniture, let me tell you. Saves TONS of money. If they carry the brand you want, you *have* to order from them. It wouldn't make sense not to.

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