Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Gage

24 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL. (312) 372-4243

We went into the city this past weekend while Pam and Mike were visiting (Happy Birthday, sis). We met one of Mike's college friends for dinner near Millenium Park at a place called The Gage. They tout themselves as "refined rusticity" which has a nice alliterative ring to it.

It's a restaurant cum bar with a nice, slightly sophisticated feel to it. Nothing that absolutely "wows" you, but nice. Mood lighting, etc.

The menu was interesting, with a slight English pub feel (curry gravy for the fries...er, chips) and some not-too-standard items (like elk, which Tony tried and liked). I kind of wish I'd been even hungrier so I could have tried a few more things. I had the fish and chips with a side of buttery peas (and the aforementioned curry gravy, which has a good spice level to it). The fish was well battered in a Guinness batter (nice and crispy). It was all good. Pam had the ribeye, which was a little more done than she wanted, but she's just not used to ordering in the Mid-West. You have to order at least a grade below what you want. They like to *really* cook their beef here.

The waitress was very peppy, if a bit slow at times. Tony's second glass of wine almost didn't make it in time for the finish of his main course. And she forgot my lime, which she'd smilingly assured me would "be no problem at all." (honestly, most places do, so I don't really count that against them.

All in all, I'd say the Gage is a nice option when you're near Millenium Park and looking for a sit down dinner with some style.

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