Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Long Grove Apple Festival

Pam's birthday was on Saturday and she wanted Tony to make her his (famous) standing rib roast. That meant that we had to be back at the house at a reasonable time for Tony to do the cooking (yeah, yeah, I didn't help much). So instead of going into the city on Saturday, which I'd kind of planned, we did some more local-ish stuff instead.

First we went to the Long Grove Apple Festival. I'm honestly starting to think that Long Grove will use any excuse to party. Not that that's a bad thing. I'm just sayin'. They've got a chocolate festival, an apple festival, a strawberry festival...Greek days...Irish days...the list goes on. My kind of people.

It was pretty packed and it was HOT. What the heck happened with the weather? It had to at least be in the low 90's (it at least felt like it). Isn't this October? Isn't this the far north? (well, it is as far as I'm concerned)

There were a bunch of food booths and a few other types and all the normal cute little shops and things in Long Grove were also open. We decided to go Polish for lunch, since that's a very Chicago thing. We had polish sausage, pierogies, and potato pancakes. There was even a young boy band playing Beatles tunes. They were pretty good, even if they did make me feel ancient. I mean, look at 'em. Can they even drive yet?

All-in-all, it was a pretty good stuff. Pam and Mike got a taste of local color and some off-season weather patterns. Oh, and I even got my giggle for the day: one of the stores had a (somewhat) obscure reference to an Arlo Guthrie song (Alice's Restaurant Massacre) that just cracked me up. Awesome song.

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