Sunday, July 6, 2008

Look, I'm 2 Feet Tall Now!

So "big" Max has hit the big 2 foot mark (he was 19.5" when he was born). And within the next week he'll be a whopping 4 months old. I can hardly believe it! Time really does fly.
He's doing really well, though I'm starting to wonder if he's headed into another growth spurt or something because he's back to eating about every 2 hours (he was going anywhere between 2 - 4 for a while). And that's every two hours from when a feeding starts, not when it ends (sometimes it takes him 1/2 hour to eat, which means he's really eating again just an hour and a half after he last ate). He's a good boy though and I certainly can't complain. Happy baby = happy mommy.

Note Tony's farmer's tan in the above photo...hehe, just had to point that out, I'm sure he'll be oh-so-pleased.

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ant betty said...

This pic. is a real winner...I just love it ..what a lucky lil boy ...ant betty