Monday, July 21, 2008

Max today...

Our happy boy is finally back. Boy, Mommy hates shots. He had an eventful weekend too -- on Friday night we were back at Ravinia with our neighbors the Tomlins and O'Gordons for John Hiatt and Alice Peacock.

And it poured rain. Absolutely poured. The kids (other than Max, though I'm sure he'd like to do it someday) were using the tarps as slip n' slides. I had poor little Max with me under an umbrella. He didn't seem to mind, really, was just kind of checking everything out like "hey, what the heck is this stuff?"

And then Saturday night we went to Treva and Sebastian's for a bbq. That was Max's first time in the city -- they live in the Wrigley Park area. He did pretty good; pretty much just hung out and flirted with the ladies, as per usual.

So here's Max today. Daddy emailed and said he needed his Max fix.

Anybody want to play??!

Uh, what did you say?

Gracie was off to the side on this one and Max is trying to get her to play, I think.
Or maybe he's just showing her his bear.

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