Saturday, September 1, 2007

B.B. King and Joan Osborne at Ravinia

So, on our "dating" anniversary (Aug. 28) we went to the B.B. King and Joan Osborne concert at Ravinia. It was our first time at Ravinia, though it was supposed to be our second. We'd had tickets to the Gipsy Kings, but it rained. We had lawn tickets both times, so rain made it a no-go. But this past Tuesday was great. Perfect weather. I packed a picnic lunch and picked Tony up from work and we hung out there all night on the lawn under the stars and the soaring dragonflies.

It was my third time seeing B. B. King. I've seen him just about very decade or so -- once when I was 16 (my mom helped me get his autograph, as well as the rest of his band -- who were surprised we asked, I guess since usually people only asked B.B.), again 11 years ago (me and Tony in St. Pete at another outdoor venue in downtown -- it POURED rain, but it was worth's B.B. King. Also there were Dr. John and Edgar Winters). He's a funny guy, B. B. He likes to chat between songs.

Joan Osborne was good too. Better than we'd thought it would be, actually. I like the two songs of hers that I know (that God one and the Sister Teresa or whatever it is) but hadn't ever paid her too much attention. We might have to check out one of her CDs now. She's got some blues-y influences, which I guess explains the pairing.

Ravinia itself is also really cool. We definitely have to do that again next year.

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