Friday, September 21, 2007

Charlie's Pizza Factory

15 Commerce Suite 100, (847) 223-9300

I actually need to do entries for a whole bunch of pizza places. Ok, well, not a *whole* bunch, but quite a few. So, what do I do? I start off with a pizza place we haven't actually eaten pizza at.

I stopped in at Charlie's this past week after dropping off a (ton) of packages at the Post Office. Given the whole pregnancy thing, I get hungry pretty regularly now (still haven't gained any weight, though, which is weird...though I have gained a belly).

I decided to try one of their "hot oven classic sandwiches" and went for the Pizza Factory Meatball. It was actually really good. One of the better meatball sandwiches I've ever had, actually. Everything was nice and warm, the tomato sauce had the right amount of spice and actually had some flavor to it, the meatballs were a good consistency and size and you get extra sauce on the side. Since I was being bad, I went ahead and got the melt-y cheese too (I recommend it).

I guess the next step now will be trying their pizza. They offer thin crusy, double crust, and stuffed. They also have pastas, subs, and salads.

One funny note - I was the only customer eating in that particular afternoon and the guy behind the counter was middle-aged-ish. But on the TV? Days of our Lives. Is it just me, or is that kind of funny?

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