Sunday, September 23, 2007

Green City Market

A weekend or two ago we drove into the city to go to the Chicago Green City Market. The Market is held from May and runs through October. Market days are Wednesdays and Saturdays from 7:00 am - 1:30 pm. It's in Lincoln Park (as in, actually in the park, not just the neighborhood). Parking is a bit of a hassle, but not too bad, if you come in on the right street (which, of course, we didn't).

It's not a huge outdoor market, but it's a decent size. Lots of farmers, lots of produce, and a fair amount of bakeries and a pretty good crowd walking around. Fair amount of meat-producers too (lamb, chicken, beef, pork). No heritage turkey though (the once place we saw taking orders for Thanksgiving turkeys -- we asked them what kind of turkey they had and the one guy was completely nonplussed and the lady says "Uh....white.").

We bought some good lamb and some potatoes and I got some radish sprouts. That was about it for us. Oh, and a chicken. But we can also buy chicken here at the farm from Red Tail Farm. Sandhill Organics at Prairie Crossing kind of acts as an incubator for other small farming ventures. I bought one recently, but we haven't cooked it yet. I'm sure it is good though. :)

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