Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happy Month Day to Max

Max is one month old today, so happy Month Day to him. :-) He's been keeping me busy all day (it's been a banner day for both outfit and diaper changes). He's definitely a growing bean; we have had to officially retire some outfits that he's now too big for (!).

Here you see him in his first little hoodie jacket.
And here he is taking a nap with his great-grandma (who is home now; our guests left yesterday).
Here's a picture of Tony with his mom and grandma and Max. I think they all had a good visit together.
And here's my little man wearing his first pair of shoes (courtesy Auntie Lisa). We took him out all gussied up last night to a nice restaurant (more on that in another post). He did pretty well, though we learned a few lessons (pack more breastmilk/bottles!).
And finally, it wasn't planned but here's Max's Month Day present -- a new chair for his room that I'd ordered and happened to be delivered today. Too cool, huh? My mom had actually spotted it in one of our catalogs (along with a storage ottoman that is on back order and will be arriving later) and we just had to get it. Ultimately, the glider in the room now will go down to the basement and the leaf chair will be in Max's Wild Things room.

In other news, I got the final proof copy of my manuscript (and need to finish reading through it tonight to get any changes back to my editor tomorrow). And more news that I'll be putting on my "author" blog -- the publisher has put together some really cool stickers and will be doing a book trailer (kinda like a movie trailer, but for books) that I'll be doing the copy for (Mina's inner monologue). Very cool, I'm uber-excited.
I'm also super behind on my YABC stuff, but I hope to get some of that done today and tomorrow (Max, you are verrrry sleepy, verrryyy sleepy....).


Pamela Karr said...

That is an awesome chair!

Kimberly Pauley said...

Isn't it? Can't wait to get the ottoman too! They also had a loveseat version, but we've definitely not got the room for that.