Monday, April 28, 2008

The Max Attack of the Day

Here are the obligatory Max photos of the day. In this one you see the little guy passed out in his new swing (it vibrates! it swings! it plays music!) and wearing a new onesie from his Auntie Lisa (she's obviously trying to prep him up) ;-)
And a pensive Max considering his options....Hmmmm, am I hungry or do I just need to pee again?
And here's the little guy from this morning when we were playing around. I'd post the other pictures, but he was naked except for some striped socks and I'll save him the embarassment. Right after this he peed on me (and the blanket and the carpet). He's a regular water sprinkler. And here I thought I was safe since he'd just peed like 5 minutes before.

The little bugger is keeping me busy today (as per usual). He's finally napping now, but this has been his feeding schedule today (don't even ask about the diapers!):

  • 4:50 AM
  • 8:20 AM
  • 9:40 AM
  • 10:30 AM
  • 12:10 PM
  • 2:10 PM

And somehow, I'm expecting him to wake up any minute demanding more!


Anonymous said...

Tony looking at Max is just like looking at u when u were a baby...just the same face and i do mean the same...great lil guy and so to all ,ant

Mike said...

Hey, I recognize that blanket! Love, Pam & Mike