Sunday, April 6, 2008

Mr. Max & Family

We've been busy with our visitors, Max's grandma (Tony's Mom) and Great-Grandma (Tony's Mom's Mom). But here are a few shots of our little Wild Thing.

Here he is in some "big boy" jeans. A wee bit big for him, but very cute.
And here he is with Mamaw Carol.
And Nana Debbie.
And Max got a bunch of wonderful presents (thank you's soon to come, promise! I just need a minute or two!). Here he is with one of them (from Mark and Sue, my brother-in-law's sister & husband), a cute little binky dog blanky.
And another shot of Max with his great grandma.

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Anonymous said...

These pics bring tears to my eyes to see my sister and niece so happy to be with such a wonderful sweet baby...thanks to you Tony and Kim for having have made them VERY to u ALL ant