Thursday, May 15, 2008

Little man, big head

So, one of the other things they measure each time is the circumfrence of Max's little head. And guess what? He's in the 95th percentile there! The rest of him is slowly catching up. :-) Daddy says it is his big brain.

Of course, as you can see in this picture, Daddy is very partial to his little boy and his little boy is very partial to him.

Max has also started kicking around a lot -- so I posted to the PsyCHO email list and asked if anyone had a baby gym they wanted to get rid of. One lady did (sans toys) and dropped it by for free. Isn't this a great neighborhood? I added some hang-y toys we had and I have to say, Max really loves it. Gurgles and coos and kicks all over. I'll have to get some more toys for it.
Of course, not all was well yesterday. The poor little guy was upset after the four shots he got and really wanted to be held all night long. He was super-sleepy but also quite upset. That's lasted a bit into today (Mommy is very, very sleepy right now), so we'll both be happy when Daddy gets home you can see from this picture last night, Max takes a lot of comfort from Daddy's warm chest.
Not to mention his big furry brother Harley, who braved the diaper end to lay his head and purr on Max's "injured" leg. Harley actually takes pretty well to Max and will even give us really dirty looks if he's crying and he doesn't think we're moving fast enough to comfort the little guy. He takes his big brother duties seriously. Gracie is a good big sister too -- she guards the door whenever Mommy is nursing Max.


Pamela Karr said...

Sooo cute.

Deb Pauley said...

Love the bibs! Mr. Max is adorable. and the picture of him and his daddy laughing is priceless. He looks exactly like Tony when he was the same age!!
Can't wait to see you all again!