Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Max in the Labyrinth

Here's our boy this morning doing his impression of Toby from Labyrinth (okay, the outfit is the wrong color, but it still reminds me of the movie).
And, apparently, little Toby Froud grew up pretty handsome.
And, bonus's Daddy playing with Max.

The little guy is doing well and starting to become more regular in his sleeping habits, at least at night. He's still pretty random during the day.
In sibling news, Gracie has fully accepted him as a part of her family. :-) It was really cute, actually. We had him on the floor (well-cushioned, of course) getting ready to take his bath and Gracie happened to be in the bathroom with us (she's nosy). She goes over to him and starts rubbing her head on his hand, trying to get him to pet her. It was really cute. She doesn't do that with just anyone, not like that. Harley still gets really concerned when he cries, running over to us going "Do something! For heaven's sake, do something!"

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Pamela Karr said...

That IS a Toby outfit. We have to get him a red one.