Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Update on the Shops at Station Square, Prairie Crossing

Since the weather has turned nice (it might get up to 80 today! Ack!), Max and I have been taking some walks to the shops at Station Square here in Prairie Crossing. Some new shops have opened up and there have been some changes in some of the old ones, so here's a quick overview of what's old & new...

Under the Sycamore Tree, the cool bookshop, is still going strong and is as awesome as ever. I'll hopefully be doing a book signing with them once my book is out. They do also carry a small selection of books for adults...Max and I recently bought Daddy a copy of In Defense of Food, which he really likes.

Little Skye has re-focused a bit and is now caring more maternity / nursing mom stuff, including some really nice nursing tops; I've gotten two...I especially like the "boob wear" (I swear, that's what it is really called). As always, they've got really cool stuff for babies and kids. Once Max gets a bit older, we'll have to check out their alternative diaper stuff (cloth, the G diapers, etc.)

The Prairie Croissant Cafe has made some changes for the better and just one for the worse. They've added new menu items (though, man, they only do the crepes on weekends...I'm bummed...I was so going to get one today), some little artsy stuff for sale, organic creamery products (good yogurt), re-organized so that the kid stuff is one one side, and seem much better organized (like getting the food and drinks out faster). All that's great. And I've lately seen at least one person working on a laptop whenever I'm there, as it has also quieted down a bit (or I'm going at non-mom-group times). The only bad change is that they've cut their hours quite a bit and I've gone by a bunch of times and they've been closed. Hopefully that was just a winter issue and now that Spring has sprung they'll expand their hours again.

The Affinity Boutique is also just as cool as ever. Every time I go in I want to get a ton of stuff. I need to be somewhat cautious with clothes still though...I've lost the baby-weight (so I can't blame Max anymore), but I've still got some pounds to go before I'm happy (like that post-cruise weight). So anything I get now needs to work later when I (hopefully) lose more weight. I did find a really cool dress today that I'll have to give Tony a hint about for Mother's Day...

Ten Thousand Villages is also the same, with a nice selection of crafts from all over the world and friendly staff. They are always getting new things in.

Prairie Arts & Fibers (960 Harris RoadGrayslake, IL 60030, 847-543-5255 ) is brand new and owned by Linda Keating, who lives in the neighborhood. I could easily get into lots of trouble at this shop, since she carries bunches of great yarn, as well as the work of local artists (the photos from the storm chaser lady are really cool) and even some really nice handmade furniture. I'm also going to be making some soap for her to carry. Oh, and they do open knitting sessions and knitting classes too.

Prairie Sunshine Yoga Studio (960 Harris Rd. Grayslake, IL, (847) 223-0601) is also new. I haven't actually been in there yet, though I hope to make use of their services soon (they just added a masseuse and are having a May special on massages). They also have Mommy & Baby classes that I'd like to try, though I might need to wait until Max is just a wee bit older.

That's about it, though the annual Earthwild Gardens plant sale will be this coming weekend. They don't have a permanent store, just a tent that they set up for special events. Nice plants and nice people.

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