Thursday, November 8, 2007

Under the Sycamore Tree Bookstore

Under the Sycamore Tree Bookstore
970 Harris Road, Grayslake, IL 60030, Tel: 847.548.0311

This is an AWESOME bookstore for kids and parents. It is owned by Jackie Harris, who lives in the neighborhood. It's a really great bookstore with a large selection of both books and related items (toys, tie-ins, cool stuff) and a bunch of resident pets (a snake, some birds...). Uniquely decorated and with lots of events (author signings -- hey, hopefully I'll have one there next year when my book comes out -- storytime with Ms. Jan and all kinds of stuff).

Being a YA book reviewer, I don't often buy books for kids or teens. Heck, I don't buy many books at all -- I get too many in to review as it is. But I would highly recommend Under the Sycamore Tree to anyone looking to buy a book for a special kid in their life. I try to buy the few books I do from here. It's always good to support a small local business over the big chain stores. So many little shops have gone out of business in the last 10 years. And this one is just a really nice shop with lots to recommend it.

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