Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Grandma V's Pancake House

10 East Maple Street, Mundelein, IL 60060 (847) 949-4960

I had to make a run out to Garden Fresh today (Tony needed a small container of lard -- the real stuff), so I stopped at Grandma V's on the way for lunch. I'd been wanting to try it for a while anyway (I looove pancakes), so this gave me a good excuse.

It's not just pancakes, btw, though they have a fairly diverse selection of those. They've also got all kinds of sandwiches and Greek dishes, and desserts and BBQ...basically, a little bit of everything. It's a big menu.

I can only comment on the pancakes, though, since that's what I had. I got one of their specials: chilled juice (teeny glass, but that's ok), two pancakes, two eggs (I got scrambled with cheese), two strips of bacon (nice and crispy), and a sausage link (kind of English style, which was nice. They bring out syrup that's heated up too, which is a nice touch. The pancakes were good. Not the best ever, but a good solid representative of their kind. The whole thing also came out really fast, which might have been because of the time I was there (about 1 PM). It wasn't very busy.

Service was fast and reasonably friendly. The inside has the feel of pretty much any diner place across the country. Since it is in Mundelein, they have both smoking and non-smoking. It didn't smell smoky, though, which is good, since I couldn't take that right now at all. Smells are still messing me up. I'm not sure if I'd chance it during peak Sunday breakfast hours, however.

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