Thursday, November 8, 2007

Rudy's Mexican Grill

55 Barron Blvd Grayslake, IL 60030 (847) 223-6176

I stopped in at Rudy's Mexican Grill today (ok, see, Tony is coming home tonight from Toronto and I didn't feel like I had an early dinner out). It's in a tiny little strip mall (3 shops) right off of 137 / 83.

Friendly guy who owns it (Rudy, natch) with a pretty authentic menu (i.e. real tacos with cilantro). Homemade chips and salsa were really good. I tried a combination platter with two tacos and a tostada (one of the tacos was supposed to be a sope, but he was out, though very apologetic). All good, nice flavor, served hot and fast.

There were also some Spanish speakers in there, which is always a good sign. One diner was even all complimentary to my outfit, telling me it was "my color" which was kind of nice but weird. Especially since the color I was wearing was charcoal gray. But hey. He was being a little flirty, but I'll take it since I feel like a cow anyhow with my big 'ol belly. ;-)

So, to sum up, as Inigo might say -- small place, good vibe, good food, friendly people. Worth a visit, especially if you want something much more authentic than Taco Bell (and just down the street from them). He even had horchata, which I'll have to get next time.


Trish said...

Lucky you! If I even smelled cilantro while I was prego I would have had to lie down with a pack of Rolaids.

Kimberly Pauley said...

Oh, I'm pretty good now. The first couple of months, the smell of onions and things like that would really get to me. But nothing much is bothering me now. :-)