Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Charcoal Delights

Charcoal Delights
500 Center Street, Grayslake, IL 60030
(847) 543-9838

From what their menu says, Charcoal Delights has been around since 1963. That's quite a long time and quite a long menu it has. There's a little bit of everything there -- gyros, burgers, hot dogs, breakfast stuff, chicken dinners, every kind of sandwich...kind of a one-stop place for everything lunch.

Looks to be owned by a Greek family, so next time we go I think I'll try a gyro. This past weekend I tried the Scotty Dog (hot dog with the works, Chicago style) and Tony tried the Charcoal Chicken Special sandwich. Both were pretty good.

Atmosphere-wise, it looks like it is located in a converted Wendy's or some other fast food joint-type building. The Grayslake location of Charcoal Delights is fairly new (well, at least new enough to proclaim "new location" on the side of the cups). I'm curious as to what the others look like.

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carrotpenis said...

We moved out here in '96. It used to be a Hardee's.