Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mario Tricoci

Mario Tricoci Hair Salons & Day Spa
1441 West Peterson, Libertyville, IL 60048, 1-800-TRICOCI

(btw, I hate it when places don't put the number along with their little "here's a handy way to remember our number" thing...because I have to then decode it when I dial and it is annoying. But I digress.)

I went today to get a hair cut at the Mario Tricoci Salon. It's a fancy-schmancy place near the Sunset Foods and is a chain all around the area. I think it is just IL, but I'm not sure. Anyway, I thought I'd try it out because a) my hair was all shaggy from growing it out and not getting a hair cut in 2 months and b) my hair just generally needs help since I'm so not a girly-girl and c) I can't remember what the third reason was. But anyway.

I still miss Sharlene down in Florida, but I can't travel that far to get a hair cut, no matter how awesome she is. So I gave Denise a try. She's been at MT for 10 years and is (I think) one of the senior stylists. Since this was my first visit, they also throw in a free makeup application/consultation.

I think Denise did a good job, actually. She was friendly without being gushy and could carry on a conversation (unlike any of the hair dressers I tried in KY...the one at Z Salon just didn't want to talk and then Jay at Jay's Campus Cuts would never shut up). And the hair cut seems to have come out well. Of course, the real test is once I wash it and see what it does without a hair dresser to help it along.

Renee was the makeup application person (what do you call those? makeup artists? I dunno). They make and/or blend their own makeup at the salon. Mineral stuff. Fancy things. Make your own lipstick color kind of stuff. Actually, it came out pretty good, though not all of it colors I normally use. I'm thinking maybe I should go for one of their regular consultations...after all, I think I've been putting on my makeup probably the same way since I was about 15. Could be time for a change.

Shoot, I think it was Lisa who first showed me how to put on makeup. Mom didn't start wearing makeup again until after dad died.

Ooop, Tony's home...going to dinner!

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