Saturday, April 14, 2007

Something's Brewing

Something's Brewing
1126 E Washington St., Grayslake, IL
(847) 543-1600

Something's Brewing is located next to Wine Knows, which is how we found it. We had lunch there last Saturday when we went by the wine shop. Yikes! You practically need to study up on the menu for a day or two before you go there to order -- tons of different sandwiches and labrettes (kind of like a pizza pita sandwich), soups, coffee drinks, baked least a wall's worth of menu items.

I tried a BLT (good -- nice crispy bacon, good toasted bread, perfect amount of mayo) and Tony tried a labrette (the one he had tasted kinda like a taco...really good but really huge. We could have split it). I really wanted to try all the desserts, but we held ourselves back. We're trying to lose some weight, which is really tough when you're surrounded by all new places screaming out for you to try them out.

You can also do a create-your-own gift basket thing here. All kinds of sinful dessert things to chose from to put in it. The dipped pretzels looked particularly good.

When we went back by the wine shop today to pick up our wine I got a carmel apple latte from Something's Brewing. Yum. Coffee drinks with way too many calories, but I kinda needed the caffeine.

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