Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Chris' Cycle Center

Chris' Cycle Center
Libertyville 847-680-9622

According to the web, the address is 130 Peterson Road. Er....I dunno. I know if I take 137, I run right into it. Does Peterson turn into 137?

Well, at any rate, we went there on Sunday. Actually, first we stopped off at Libertyville Cyclery(800 N Milwaukee Ave, 847-362-6030 -- which I think is on the same road as Chris', just farther down...so I'm really not sure about the addresses). But we didn't get anything from them. They seemed bigger and possibly better equipped but a) no one asked to help us and b) they didn't have the type of bike I wanted.

We stopped off at Chris' Cycle Center. It's a small shop in a strip mall. There was an older gentleman there. I don't know if he was the owner or an employee or what, but he was super nice. And, most importantly, he had the type of old fashioned bike I wanted to get. A cruiser-ish one. It even came with a little water bottle and a cell phone holder (not that I was looking for that feature).

He adjusted it, kept throwing in stuff (I have a bell!) and discounting stuff, and was just an all around nice guy. Tony got a bike too. Same type, more or less, just a different color. Mine is mint and his is black.

I tried it out today and took a little spin around the neighborhood. Boy, am I outta shape.

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