Saturday, April 14, 2007

Jacobson Electric

Jacobson Electric
1035 Lake Cook Rd., Wheeling, IL 60090
847 808-0808

We went looking for a fan for the master bedroom since the one in there was ultra-modern and our furniture is decidedly not modern. We tried all the normal culprits (Home Depot, The Expo, Menards, etc., etc.) and wound up at Jacobson Electric after a recommendation from a lady at Walter E. Smithe (we'd run by there because the entertainment center the last owners left behind was from there and we couldn't figure out how to get the silly lights to come on...and I won't even describe how easy it is to do once you know how).

We wound up buying a cool Minka Aire fan from their Hearst Castle collection.

It just came in this past Thursday (or was it Wednesday?) and Tony spent a while getting it together. I don't have a final picture of it to post yet (with lamp shades and all) because it turns out it had a defective transmitter (a small amount of cussing preceded that discovery) and the company is sending a replacement. So for now we've got a half-hung fan in the bedroom. Good thing it still feels fairly winter-y and we don't really need it yet.

Here's the old fan, which I'm going to put up for sale on Craigslist soon:
And the new one, sans shades (well, and light bulbs, for that matter):

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