Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Max - Day 3 - Coming Home

Well, it has been a very eventful day. Last night was a little rough since Max wanted to eat pretty much the entire night. The lactation specialists said that can be pretty common (babies doing "cluster feedings"). At least he seems to be getting enough food. :-)

Then today he had his first vaccination and was circumcised (ouch, something I was perfectly happy not to watch happen) by Dr. Capezio (the one guy doctor in the practice I went to, which kind of worked out. Perfect day for him to be on call.). We got all the paperwork and last checks filled out and then...we went home.
Here's Max pretty close to before we dressed him to go home. He was looking mighty fuzzy today (very similar to my baby pictures).
Then here he is in his going home outfit (he's such a small fry that his feet are approximately where the knees should be). But, he was definitely good and warm to go.
The car seat also completely dwarfs him. Every body kept going "Oh, what a teeny baby" on our way out of the hospital.
And when we got home, Gracie checked him out (still having no clue what was in store -- the first time he cried she had the most shocked look on her face I've ever seen). We're using the stroller bassinet for now for him to sleep in and rolling him around the house.

The neighbors have been great. Our dinner tonight (and for some other nights) was covered by a group of neighbors. They've all been really helpful and it is much appreciated, especially since we're definitely still figuring all this stuff out.

Max is doing well, but still a bit fussy (when he isn't sleeping and looking completely angelic). But hey, considering all he's had happen to him in three short days, I think he's doing pretty good. He's a cutie pie. Tony has been great too and I'm doing well (especially after a few quick naps today).

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