Saturday, March 15, 2008

Max - Day 5 - Need More Food!

This is a picture of Max right after his first bath.

We also went to see Max's doctor for his first checkup. The doctor said he was beautiful and perfectly healthy but needed to eat a little more. If necessary we may need to supplement with formula for a few weeks until he gets a little bigger and stronger.

Little Max got a little smaller since we brought him home. He's probably just too small and knocked out right now to breast feed. Mommy has started pumping milk and giving him a bottle. Since that started, he seems much better.

Max also went on his first adventure - to Babies R' Us of course. We needed to get him some bottle supplies and some smaller clothes, he was just swimming in everything we had.

Daddy learned that we need to use a onesie for a while to hold up Mr. Max's diaper. But of course Daddy forgot when he was tired and Max finally had a messy...well not diaper, but more like entire outfit...That was A-OK though because we were getting worried as Max hadn't had one in a whole day. We've had another (diaper this time) since so things seem to be getting in the right rhythm.

That's it for the daily update, more gratuitous pictures of tired parents below:


Pamela Karr said...

Soooo cute!

Deb Pauley said...

He is so Precious!

Trish said...

Hang in there Kim & Tony!! The first week - 10 days is the hardest until baby figures out how to eat and your milk "comes in." Then all of a sudden everything and everybody will find a routine that works. Nursing is all about supply and demand! It can be rough getting started though so hang in there and it will get easier. Anders had to take supplemental bottles for about 4 days until he was strong enough to latch on properly - and I had enough milk - to nurse exclusively.

Sleep - rest - don't forget to eat. You know the nugget: sleep when the baby sleeps? My corollary is eat when the baby eats.

Take care!