Thursday, March 6, 2008

T minus 4...but who's counting (heh)

So we had our final doctor appointment today (the next time we see the doctor should be at the hospital). The fluid levels are back up some more, which is good, but they would like me to continue on bed rest to be on the safe side. Heck, I've made it this far, I can take it easy for a few more days (4!).

The peanut did NOT cooperate for the NST (non-stress test), however. He was determined to get in some nap time, I suppose, and didn't provide any good movement the whole time I was hooked up, other than a few spurts when they buzzed him to try and wake him up. So they hooked me up to the ultrasound (for the second time in one day) and did a (bio-feedback? it was something like that) test instead where the ultrasound tech looked for specific movements. It's on some 8 point scale and the peanut did manage to hit all 8 points, though he definitely wasn't at his most active (he curled his fingers and toes, did the fetal breathing thing, etc.). So it was a little nervewracking, but ultimately he checked out okay. It was pretty cool to see him curl his toes.

Poor Tony, though. He hadn't been to many of the appointments in the middle and has gone to these last two because I'm just pretty much at the shouldn't-be-driving-myself point. And both appointments have gone on really long for one reason or another. He was trying not to fall asleep in the corner during the NST scan. Can't blame him...all the magazines are for women, pretty much, and all you can do during the scan is sit there and listen to the peanut's heart going thumpety-thumpety-thump.

Everything else is still pretty much same status as Monday (no big surprise). So, assumming things stay the way they are, I'll be going in on Sunday night to get things rolling along. I suppose I'm as ready as I'll ever be (mentally, that is...physically, I think you get ready pretty much once you get towards the end of the third trimester and can't help thinking "get this thing outta me!" as you wobble around the house).

I've been having those "practice" contractions and they are getting stronger, but they still aren't regular. But you can't help but wonder "is this it?" whenever a new one starts up.

Oh, and I got a really cute care package from Pam yesterday, though she had to clue me in as to the theme (it had to do with my 43 Things list)...I'm definitely not at my best mentally at the moment. And it reminds me I have a lot of things I need to add and remove on my list. :-)

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