Thursday, March 13, 2008

Max - Day 4 - Trying to Find a Groove

Max and Mom had a tough-ish day today trying to figure everything out. Poor Max just hasn't figured out the eating thing yet. He will in time.

Good news is that he slept a little more regularly today, giving us some time to nap and catch up.

Here's a picture of him being precious.

Last night we tried a little bit of everything to get sleep. Here's a shot of Max passed out hugging my foot. Really gives you a sense of how small he is right now.

Another fun picture of sleepy Daddy, showing Max his cool mobile his Auntie Lisa sent him. He's able to follow it around a little bit already.

Last picture of the day is of the beautiful bouquet we got from work. My boss and coworkers are great.

Things are going well, just need to work on the feeding skills and we should be good to go.

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Deb Pauley said...

Mr. Max's whole hand is smaller than your big toe!!!He is so precious. You look really tired son. I'm sure you and Kim both will be really happy to see Helen tomorrow. Tell her Hi for me and tell her to give Mr. Max extra hugs and kisses from his Nana. I know Helen will be totally thrilled with Mr. Max.