Monday, March 24, 2008

A snowy Easter weekend

The end of the week brought a bunch of snow, though not as much as they were predicting (it really just snowed one day, vs. the 3 or so the forecast predicted). It was quite a bit of snow, however. Mom even got in the act and did her first bit of snow shoveling (and yes, that's Tony over there packing a snowball...).
Max got a sponge bath for Easter, which he was pretty calm for (even when lifting up his little chicken legs to put on his clothes). Daddy bought him a cute little Easter outfit...
The top says "Baby's First Easter" and the feet have little bunny faces. Too cute. A little too large too, but not by too much. We think he's probably finally passed the 6 lb. mark. He's been eating really well, though sometimes it feels like he's trying to suck Mommy's spine out through her breast. He's got suction, this kid.
Mom (Grandma) also made Max a special Easter snow bunny and spelled out his name on the snow eggs (with M&Ms). It's really cute. She was out there for hours sculpting it out.
Max also got a special bear-y surprise from our neighbors, the Tomlins. Grace and Emily brought him over an Easter bear. It's very soft and I'm sure he'll love it. Right now it is a lot bigger than he is! (note the after-bath fuzz head)


Pamela Karr said...

So Walmart was right in their market basket analysis . . . it is beer and diapers. Teach the boy young. ;-)

Mom did a great job on the snow bunny!

Rachael said...

AWWW! He is so cute! I can't wait to come visit!