Friday, March 21, 2008

Max's First Bath & other news

Max had his first bath last night and I can't say that he enjoyed it much. I'd thought the sling thingy would kind of hold him in the water, but it really more held him above it. I think we'll probably be giving him mostly sponge baths until he gets a little bit bigger. :-)

He was comforted afterwards by daddy's finger...Notice the nice fuzzy after-bath hair.
He's my little fuzz bucket.

In other news, my publisher sent over this year's catalog (with my book in it! Woot! and on the cover!), a vampire binky for Max, and a letter from a 10 year old who is reading my book (the letter is just the cutest darned thing I've ever read). That gave me a nice smile for the day too. I'd also recently gotten a nice comment in email from Alex Flinn's daughter (Alex is another YA author who writes great books like Beastly and Nothing to Lose). It's awesome to hear back from people who like the book. :-)


Pamela Karr said...

I thought his first bath happened on day five??

Kimberly Pauley said...

Well, this was his first "bath" bath, vs. a sponge bath. You have to do sponge baths until the circumcision and umbilical cord heal up. I think we'll stick to the sponge baths for now though, until he gets bigger. Or maybe try him in the tub with Tony or something.