Saturday, February 2, 2008

Only for posterity

Okay, I'm only putting these damning photos up because I keep getting asked by family for "belly" shots. What is it with people and their fascination with preggie bellies, anyway? So here's me and Gracie (she's going "uhhhhh, what's going on? I was napping here...) in the Family room. Those are some quilts I'd made on the back of the chair. Haven't made one for the peanut as yet since my sewing machines are buried somewhere in the basement. My hair could be better, but I did just get out of the shower, so there you go.
And here's the belly in all it's paleness. I guess I should have turned the other way, since you can see my scar from my appendectomy in this one. Didn't think about that. Wow, do I need some sun. For the record, I'll be at 34 weeks on Monday.
Grace, of course, is supremely uninterested.

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