Monday, February 4, 2008

Where the Wild Things Are Mural, continued

The painting is still in progress in the baby's room. Tony worked on it some this weekend. Here he is working on the sky.
And here's a bit of the sky that's pretty much done.
And here's the mural on the opposite wall from the "hanging from trees mural". It is kind of a composite from the book: a scene where Max lands his boat near the sleeping Bernard (minus Bernard (he's the one that looks kind of like a bull) and with Max not in the boat) + a shot of Max when he's howling at the moon.
And here's where it is right now, which includes the Max howling and dancing under the moon. We also went ahead and hung the moon up on the wall (the one I got that does the lunar phases). It'll be really cool once it's all done, with the stars and detail.

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