Saturday, February 9, 2008

Where the Wild Things Are Mural, continued again...

The baby furniture will be here on Tuesday, so Tony's been busy working on the mural(s) this weekend. I helped a bit, just with the detail bits. So here are some more in-progress photos. Note that we've got the moon up on the wall now too (it's really cool).
The big things still missing are leaves for some of the trees, the detail stuff that I couldn't get to without a ladder (I've been forbidden) and the stars. And he's going to do grass across the bottom of the wall with the windows to where it meets up with the other mural wall. Tony hopes to get that done tomorrow. I've got my baby shower (!) tomorrow that Jill is throwing for me, so I'll be mostly out of his hair. Which is probably just as well. I let him do Max's face while I did the rest of Max because he was looking so nervous. Tony, for anyone that knows him, likes to do things his way.
Here's a detail pic of Max howling at the moon. Face by Tony, the rest of the detail by me. :-)
And I don't think I'd put an updated picture of the other mural since he finished the grass. There's still some more leaves and detail stuff that need to be done at the top, but it is just about done. And there's the ladder I'm not allowed on.

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