Monday, February 11, 2008

Peanut Shower (i.e. Baby Shower)

Yesterday was our baby shower (I say "our" even though Tony ducked out; I think it was too girly for him). It was at Jill's house next door (good thing it was so close, since yesterday was one of our coldest days up here...I think the high was 4 degrees Or maybe the high was 0 and the low was -6. was COLD.). She threw it, along with some help from Liz and Ann. It was a tea party (various pots of tea, finger sandwiches, cupcakes, fruit & chocolate fondue) and we played a few baby-themed games.
The room was decorated with a clothesline of baby outfits (for the peanut!) and some baby photos of me and Tony (what happened to all Tony's dark hair??)
Here's the food. The cucumber sandwiches and the salmon sandwiches were particularly yummy, as were the homemade cupcakes (yes, I was bad and ate one but overall my sugar levels for the day weren't bad, so I planned pretty well.).
We all decorated a onesie for the peanut with fabric markers. They all came out really cute. And we played the baby food game where you have to guess what's in the jars of baby food (I got two mixed up...the ones with meat...I have to say...yegods, they are godawful...pureed beef and mac & cheese? yuck!). And the game where you can't say the word "baby."
The peanut got gobs of stuff. It's all so little and cute. Tiny, even. I have a lot of thank you cards to write. It was mostly people from the neighborhood (Treva made the long trek in from the city) and it was just really nice. It's great to live somewhere where people care about you and like to do things for you...even on days when it is so cold you don't want to leave the house.


Trish said...

The shower looks wonderful Kim. Are you feeling ready or are you still basking in the glow of pregnancy?

I hope the weather warms up before Max gets here!


p/s - LOVE the lip balm and soap you sent!! I have to hide the balm from Dagny because she's also addicted to it's super-smoothness! THANK YOU!

Kimberly Pauley said...

Hey Trish! I'm pretty ready -- I feel like I'm about to pop! Literally!

Sadly, I'm not holding out a lot of hope for the weather. Though you never know...we closed on the house last March 20th, and it was around 70 degrees...

Glad you liked the lip balm and soap! I need to make up another batch or two soon. With all this winter weather, we really need it up here.