Thursday, January 24, 2008

And the stroller is here...

The stroller and infant car seat (and bassinet and toddler stroller seat) all arrived yesterday (Wed). Ack! We got everything unpacked and more or less figured out where things go. It's the biggest baby-focused thing that has arrived so far. The furniture will hopefully be here by the first week in February.

The stroller, incidentally, completely terrifies Harley. Just wait until he finds out what goes inside it.

And today is my birthday. Pretty low-key day planned - I have to go for a doctor appointment (there's a pretty good chance of that on any given day, anymore, since I've got at least one and sometimes 2 or 3 a week now). This will be the first stress test, which is supposed to take a 1/2 hour, so I guess I'll be taking along some knitting or something.

Other than that, I suppose I'll continue cleaning and working on my book and working on the website stuff.

I opened my present from Pam (I didn't wait for Tony to come home -- but hey, it is my birthday). She sent a Book Lover's Cookbook. Pretty neat. It's got recipes and the passages from books that inspired them (all kinds of books - everything from Charlotte's Web to more lofty works of literature).

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