Friday, January 25, 2008

Le Vichyssois

Le Vichyssois
220 West Route 120, Lakemoor, IL (815) 385-8221

Tony took me out for my birthday last night. We went to a little French place that I'd heard about on the PCHO (i.e. PSYCHO) list. It's kind of in the middle of nowhere, but it is a cute little place. Elegant inside (all cream and white and silver and bronze) with lots of oil paintings (all of which are for sale).

I gather that it has been there for a while. They feature an a la carte menu and a "bistro" 3 course menu. We wound up doing the a la carte since I was trying to keep my sugar/carb intake low. Tony had foie gras with brioche, a house salad, and the venison. I had a warm cabbage and bacon salad (nice, faintly reminiscent of sauerkraut) and veal medallions in a black truffle sauce. We split some dessert. All-in-all, even with the dessert, I didn't do too bad. My sugar level for the 2 hour post-prandial measurement wasn't all that off the charts, just a little bit high. 146 when I'm supposed to aim for under 120.

The people were friendly and the service was good. It was a pretty quiet night, but I imagine that's due in part to the location and a good deal more to the temperature (it was -4). Definitely a place to try again. It wasn't the best French food I've ever had, but it was good (and we've been to some really, really nice French places). And for being out here in the suburbs, it's darn good.

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