Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Big Family Visit

Somehow, we didn't manage to take too many pictures while everyone was here. Royce and Janet came and Rikki, Danny, Christian, Cameron, and Kylie. Everyone was here for a week. We packed quite a bit in, though I'd had some more things planned. But that's how plans are. :-)

Here's a shot at Christmas dinner. Tony made turkey and all the traditional stuff. Happily, I didn't get the gestational diabetes diagnoses until AFTER this.

If you're wondering about the hats...we did traditional Christmas crackers before dinner. If you're wondering why I even posted this picture of myself, considering I look like some kind of round, deranged Christmas elf, I really have no defense. Posterity, I suppose. Just remember, I'm like 6 1/2 months pregnant here, alright? And tired. And have no makeup on.
While Christian was here he had to pay up on a bet he made with Tony last year (UF vs. Ohio State...we all know how that turned out). He was supposed to actually eat 24 hot wings but Tony had pity on him since he never eats hot stuff. It was reduced to 2 hot wings and a few medium ones. Even so, I think it took him a good 1/2 hour to do it, along with some yogurt and strawberry milk. You can see how happy he looks about it. I betcha he won't be making any bets with Uncle Tony again anytime soon.

So...while they were here...
We took them by Gurnee Mills where they ice skated, played some laser tag, and did game room stuff. Also took them into town and walked around Millenium Park and a bit of the Mag Mile and (after Rikki, Danny, and Kylie went back because Rikki wasn't feeling well) took the boys to Navy Pier to do the Winter Wonderland stuff and the Amazing Chicago Funhouse Maze (fun, though cheesy with a spinning tunnel that made us all woozy). The Winter Wonderland stuff was really cool. All indoors, with ice skating and tons of activities for kids of all ages (including Uncle Tony -- I got in some "mom" practice, being the one to hold everyone's stuff while they did the activities).
Cameron and Kylie got in some play time with some kids in the neighborhood, Cameron especially (I'm still clueless as to why 9 year-old boys will build this cool snow fort and then just knock it this a boy thing?). We also played a lot of cards and family games and did some shopping, stuff like that. And the guys worked on the new guest room down in the basement (it's looking good).
I think that about sums it up, though I feel like I'm missing something. I think I'm already getting the mushy mom brain.

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